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Step up with your ESG performance and learn to understand global, industry, company and product level GHG emissions. 


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GHG Data clarified, not simplified.

Carbon Radar enables analyzing industries and companies by their actual climate and economic performance, all in one platform.  Access all actual and disclosed GHG data to improve your ESG performance and impact driven decision-making. We don’t believe in simplified ESG ratings – you need to be able to understand, compare and evaluate the actual climate impact. 


Beyond Carbon footprint
– get the full picture



Find the disclosed information on company CO2e emission levels and compare your performance in respect of economic metrics. Create your own company lists and follow their progress. 

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Industry & Portfolio analysis

Do you know what is considered as good or the average ratio of  CO2e per earnings in your industry? Deepen your understanding of the climate impact of a selected industry, stock or a product-range. We provide tailored, in-depth analysis of climate performance, progression and trends. 


Climate-related insights

Carbon Radar Platform gathers ESG insights from your selected industries and companies. Be onboard on the latest news and publications that you’ll want to consider within your own ESG management. 


One platform
– all climate data.

Stop wasting your time trying to find and understand complex reports and PDFs. Carbon Radar gives all the climate-related data that you need on one platform. Go deeper to understand not only the absolute emissions, but how they are in relation with your economic performance. 

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Carbon radar by green carbon

We are Green Carbon, a specialist company in climate and environmental consulting services.  We serve as climate partner for our clients. We help them to understand and minimize their climate impact and to turn their carbon footprint into sustainable competitive edge. With Carbon Radar, we aim to take this journey further and increase the understanding of global emissions. 


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